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About us

Our venture capital team is one of the most internationally experienced groups in Ireland with operational and commercial expertise beyond investing.

Our companies benefit from having all of our partners working for them, sharing the benefits of our collective experience in working with teams creating and building international businesses. ACT backed companies become part of a network of high-level venture capital, growth equity, operating, and entrepreneurial experts acroiss our extensive portfolio.

ACT Venture Capital makes venture capital investments in entrepreneurial and innovative companies.

As well as backing start up and early stage businesses, we also invest in more established companies looking to use venture capital to build scale. All of the ventures we back have the potential to succeed in the global high grwoth markets.

We typically invest between €200,000 and €10 million in funding rounds of up to €30 million. We either invest on our own or alongside other venture capital firms, usually as lead investor.

The funds we invest come from blue chip investors including global financial institutions, alternative asset fund management companies and pension funds. To date we have raised over €370m from across multiple funds, from blue chip financial institutions, and invested in 95 Companies that share our goal.

Executing this model over the past 15 years we have built a broad network of International Venture Capital syndicate relationships with VC’s in the US, UK & Europe. This network, together with our funds, has invested €1bn in the ventures backed by ACT.